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Thinkpad E Series

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Lenovo Thinkpad E Series

The Smarter - Quicker - and Better
Lenovo - being the top-rated brand, has launched a new series of laptops - Thinkpad with improved features including Dolby sound innovation and far-field microphones across the entire ThinkPad series. For businesses that are still adjusting to the increasing need for video and phone conferencing – Lenovo Thinkpad E series has got you covered. Now, you will be able to listen and be heard more prominently during remote communications with fellow faculty, students, employees, and coworkers.

Amazing Features of E series

  • It offers the most value-focused laptop without sacrificing performance.
  • They are built extra-tough and have the expected durability.
  • The classic look, legendary keyboard (including the iconic TrackPoint), and stylish color with E-Series ThinkPads.
  • They have a new level of security feature - a switch that covers up your laptop's 720p camera whenever you want.

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